The true essence of the Russian occupiers and also evidence for another Russia’s war crimes committed in Ukraine

I will now post a few photos taken by Russian propagandists in the Bukhmut area. They posted them on social media with the caption “Bakhmut suburbs strewn with bodies of Ukrainian soldiers.”

Some of these photos are too gruesome but I must still show them to you in order to expose Russian propaganda and their forces’ war crimes.

As I have repeatedly said, no one but the Russians themselves can better present evidence of their own war crimes and moral lows. So it happened this time, when one of the so-called “war correspondents”, or better say war criminal, Alexander Kots published a photo from the outskirts of Bakhmut.

A series of photos, titled “Bakhmut suburbs strewn with bodies of Ukrainian soldiers” depict several bodies of Ukrainian KIAs. But what catches the eye is that almost all of them have no boots on. What is even more striking, the Wagner Group terrorists in the photo sport Ukrainian-made Talan tactical boots.

Interestingly, the propagandist, in order to add some more tragic notes and scale to the photos showing the bodies of killed Ukrainian soldiers, added some other pictures of what turns out to be Russian KIAs. In fact, Russians are quite easy to recognize by their camo and white straps, as well as by the fact that the bodies are all shod.

They are seen wearing their own, low-quality boots that no one cares to take off their feet. At the same time, taking the shoes off a Ukrainian soldier’s body seems to be a must for the invaders! So despicable!…

But there is one more photo, this time showing a medical evacuation vehicle that came under fire. The photo also shows a body of a Ukrainian soldier, who is barefoot, of course.

It is obvious that this ambulance vehicle was on medevac mission when it the Russians deliberately fired on it. I must note that there are special international rules in place regarding evacuation vehicles on the battlefield, according to which opening fire at them constitutes a war crime.

So, Alexander Kots not only once again showed the true essence of the Russian occupiers, of which we’re already aware, but also presented evidence for another episode of Russia’s war crimes committed in Ukraine… Our Heroes don’t die! And our foes will burn in hell forever!

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