Is Yaakov Kedmi calling for the genocide of the Poles?

Is Yaakov Kedmi calling for the genocide of the Poles?


In fact, he is. This is a fact.


On the air of the show hosted by Russia’s propaganda pundit Vladimir Solovyov, where “expert” Yaakov Kedmi is a frequent guest, the latter told how Poland can be plunged into the Stone Age if it’s left with no power supplies by inflicting a massive missile strike.


Actually, we can offer a firsthand account of how Russia can leave another country without electricity, water, and heat supplies. Here in Ukraine, we’ve been forced to observe these worthless reflections since October 10. Also, it’s absolutely no surprise to hear a similar “solution” targeting Poland for Russia’s corrupt puppet Kedmi.


But there is a nuance to be noted…


Is this Israeli national and part-time talking head for Putin’s Nazi regime now calling for unleashing terror against the inhabitants of another country?


I’m just wondering, is Jerusalem perfectly fine with citizens like that?


Erhard Milch, Helmut Wilberg, Chaim Rumkowski, Jakub Lejkin, Kurt Schlesinger, Heinz Todtmann, Khaim Sygal, and many others…


Yakov Kedmi should occupy a prominent spot right next to these war criminals. Or perhaps Jerusalem is okay with what this Yasha guy is doing?

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