Russia could stage Ukraine’s Army “strike” on civilians in Donbas, using Javelins, NLAWs, or else

Here’s a version. Perhaps, it’s even more than just a version though…

Not so long ago, Russia showed the wreckage of the Bayraktar TB2 strike drone, of which it had long got hold of but decided to demonstrate precisely now. I see no particular benefit for Russia in doing so but still, the propaganda context is significant because now the Russians believe their country allegedly have access to Turkey’s secret technology.

Although, in fact, having in one’s disposal what’s left of a UAV doesn’t mean understanding its functionality, much less copycatting it at own capacities.

Meanwhile, now Ukraine is receiving Javelin, NLAW, M141 anti-tank missiles and a number of other foreign-made weapons, including the Stinger MANPADS, posed to turn Russian armed vehicles into scrap metal for further processing. But that’s if Russia actually invades Ukraine, deploying their potential scrap metal across the border. Meanwhile, what Moscow also could do is use the same type of weaponry to create the notorious casus belli before launching an all-out offensive against Ukraine.

So here’s what the potential plot is about.

The thing is that during their Syria campaign, the Russians got hold of plenty of used Javelin and TOW launchers. In addition, the Russians, through their Taliban friends, have gained access to a wide range of weapons the American contingent left behind, as well as those that had been used way back in the Mujahideen era.

Now, in the context of the latest arms supplies to Ukraine, Russia may well stage a deadly incident in Donbas, such as an ATGM strike hitting a commuter bus somewhere in the suburbs of Donetsk, with civilian casualties. Naturally, this will be followed by blaming the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As evidence, the Russians will be showing the whole world the used tube of a foreign-made anti-tank weapon.

Set to take over chairmanship in the UN Security Council next week for exactly a month, Russia will gain a high platform to channel this fake story to the international audiences, through an infamous liar, Permanent representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzia, He’ll be claiming that the Ukrainian Army is “killing” civilians in Donbas, using American or British weapons. The claim will be of course accompanied with an urgent demand that the U.S. and UK, as well as all other partners supporting Ukraine, immediately cease further arms supplies to Kyiv.

So what do you think?


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