Ukraine climbs to 9th place among world steel exporters in 2020


Ukraine in 2020 reduced steel exports to 15.2 million tonnes from 15.6 million tonnes a year earlier, but rose in the ranking of exporters from the 10th to the 9th place, according to the World Steel Association (Worldsteel).

According to the report, India was ranked higher than Ukraine last year among exporters with 17.1 million tonnes, Italy closed the top ten with 14.9 million tonnes, and China is still at the top of this list with 51.4 million tonnes, followed by Russia with 31.5 million tonnes and Japan with 29.8 million tonnes.

At the same time, due to the small volume of imports, Ukraine in the world ranking of net exporters in 2020 retained its 4th place with an indicator of 13.9 million tonnes, which is only slightly less than the 2019 indicator of 14 million tonnes.

The first place here is taken by Russia with 26.4 million tonnes, the second – by Japan with 24.8 million tonnes, the third – by South Korea with 16.1 million tonnes, while China is the fifth in this list with 13.5 million tonnes.
China was the largest importer of metal last year with 37.09 million tonnes, followed by the EU-28 with 32.6 million tonnes, excluding interregional trade, and the United States came third with 19.9 million tonnes.

In the ranking of net importers over 2020, the United States is leading with 13.6 million tonnes, the EU-28 is in the second place with 10 million tonnes, and Saudi Arabia is in the third place with 7.2 million tonnes.

Worldsteel recalls that in 2020 Ukraine produced 20.6 million tonnes of steel and took 12th place, the volume of pig iron production amounted to 20.4 million tonnes. At the same time, the country exported 3.1 million tonnes of pig iron last year, and its apparent consumption amounted to 17.3 million tonnes.

Apparent steel consumption in Ukraine in 2020, according to Worldsteel, amounted to 4.6 million tonnes, while consumption per capita – 105.5 kg.

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