The Russians are trying to expose Ukraine as a state sponsoring terrorism


Some really strange things are now happening around Ukraine’s diplomatic missions in the post-Soviet space.

Reports are coming in that Russian nationals have been reaching out to diplomats with a very peculiar proposal.

Declaring that they are “disappointed” in the incumbent Russian authorities and are ready to accelerate the implosion dynamics in Russia that could result in a massive riot and government toppling, they offer their “help” in executing acts of terror across the country.

They claim such terrorist attacks should convince the population in Russia that the leadership has gone too far with its war on Ukraine and that it’s time to call it quits. So they’re asking the Ukrainian officials to sponsor their efforts and provide the relevant means to implement their intentions.

Such proposals were definitely rejected, but here’s an interesting thing… Almost all of those who applied were former law enforcers or security operatives. And as we all know, the prefix “ex” doesn’t apply to these jobs in Russia.

It seems that against the backdrop of war crimes committed by the Russian forces in Ukraine and their outright terror against the civilian population, the Kremlin decided not just to unfoundedly accuse the Ukrainian authorities of some mythical threats to the Russian state, but to actually execute an operation to provide “material evidence” of such threats.

That is, rather than generating fake allegations, it would be quite beneficial for Russia to present to the public some “real facts” – funding, explosives, contacts, photos, and videos exposing Ukrainian diplomats.

However, the elaborate plan was doomed to fail from the start as Ukraine doesn’t engage in terror against the civilian population. Nevertheless, the Russians continue to try their “luck”, pushing their plan forward by approaching embassy officials of various levels in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Uzbekistan.

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