Russian propaganda is looking for ways to discredit Ukraine to hinder Western arms supplies

In fact, even before the full-scale invasion on February 24, Russia deployed a large-scale psyop, the purpose of which was to try to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine. In particular, as part of the effort, fakes were spread that the Ukrainian military was selling Javelin and NLAW ATGMs, as well as Stinger MANPADS, on the black market.

After the full-scale invasion, when Ukraine began to receive military equipment from the West, Russian propagandists plunged into schizophrenic ecstasy, claiming that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were selling Caesar self-propelled guns and even M142 HIMARS on the black market. At the same time, they claimed the Russian military acquired these models from Ukraine and was on to study them…

Actually, Russians have been cultivating this kind of fake news since spring, but not a single evidence of such an uncontrolled circulation of weapons on the black market was presented l, so arms supplies to Ukraine continued, despite the fact that Russia tried to integrate these fakes into the Western media space through corrupt media and various kind of loyal talking heads.

But it seems that the Russian propagandists understood that it was necessary to deliver pinpoint strikes instead of choosing sweeping attacks – so to speak, to be both modest and arrogant at the same time. That is why now a new psyop is being designed against Ukraine, which will be of a wavelike nature.

According to available reports, the Russians have now activated a number of their agents of influence in Europe from among political figures holding positions in international organizations in order to exploit their platforms to discredit Ukraine. Using the recognizable brand of an acclaimed organization, Russian agents of influence are supposed to hold a series of events dedicated to the topic of the “uncontrolled circulation of weapons” in Ukraine and the threats that this process poses to the European community.

It is still difficult to say which agents of influence will be activated and which organization will be involved, but it is sad to realize that, as of 2022, they remain in almost every structure and the implementation of such a scenario will not be hard for Russia at all.

Let’s remain vigilant and watch where things explode in the near future.

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