Exposing own psyop: master class by Shoigu and Medvedev

Russian propaganda generates on a daily basis a huge amount of fake and manipulative stories, which in any other conditions would be a powerful information weapon. But now they’re not. Indeed, today the amount of Russian fakes doesn’t mean quality, while a number of figures who pose as the sources of this misinformaiton are themselves indicators of the “quality” of the information being spun.

For example, recently, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said, as always, that everything is going according to plan in their “special operation” in Ukraine, including an apparent slowdown of its pace.

Such justification for the Russian invasion’s failure, to put it mildly, raises eyebrows of some even completely blinkered Russians, thus yielding no result whatsoever. The phrase “everything is going according to plan” has long become a funny meme, so Russia’s defense chief, who has lost more generals over the past six months than any other since World War 2, not to mention the rank and file, looks like a laughing stock to the Russian public.

It’s just that yet another excuse voiced by the general, who on July 3 reported to Putin about the “liberation” of “LPR”, or rather, the occupation of the entire Luhansk region, which for some reason is still not completely occupied (as Russian invasion troops regularly get “hurt” near Bilohirivka), sounds like a confession of own incapacity.

And so, the next day after Shoigu’s convulsions, Medvedev decided to have his say, going for another social media appearance. His post is actually impossible to read without a smile and surprise at the apparent damage to his brain cells, inflicted by alcohol abuse. I can only anticipate how much more of that dense nonsense he will spin as Russian defeats get worse and worse.

In his latest stunt, Dmitry decided to share his vision of a “military coup” in Ukraine – that very conspiracy involving CinC Zaluzhny vs President Zelensky!

Frankly, over the past six months, Russian propaganda has harbored many such expectations. I’m even thinking about creating a list of “The Krelmin’s Hopes.”

For example, there was a fake narrative claiming that Europe and the United States are seeing Ukraine fatigue therefore their support is declining. There was also a fake claim that Ukraine is selling western weapons on the black market, and therefore they will no longer be supplied. Also, there was a ridiculous story claiming that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have run out of personnel and will soon be drafting tens of thousands of women, deploying them on the front lines. And of course there was the one claiming that Zaluzhny was plotting a conspiracy against Zelensky…

I should note that the fake story about Zaluzhny’s conspiracy was initially cultivated in the Russian fringe media segment from mid-July, before it was massively integrated into the Ukrainian media space through latent pro-Russian platforms.

In early August, this narrative was somewhat transformed. Starting August 4, they, the story has been circulated claiming Zaluzhnyi reported to Zelensky that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had retreated from Pisky and Avdiivka, the two settlements in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, which caused the President’s discontent. It was to this episode that the Russian propagandists intended to tie further development of the ongoing psyop about a certain conflict between the General Staff of the Armed Forces and the President’s Office.

And now, let’s get to the most important thing. If earlier the psyop was about the conflict between Zaluzhnyi and Zelensky, and the narrative of a “coup” was spun mainly in the Runet’s fringe and relayed by low-tier talking heads, now it’s Mr Medvedev, a permanently drunk ape assigned a certain official status in Russian government, who is talking about it. That is, to put it simply, the very source of these rumors was exposed. No, of course it’s not this Medvedev guy… It would be ridiculous to even suggest he could have masterminded any psyop … It’s all about his handlers.

This all boils down to one simple thing. Any talking head who is broadcasting this nonsense about the alleged “conflict” between Zaluzhnyi and Zelensky in the Ukrainian media space should be aware that the source of the stench emanating from their mouth has been massively exposed.

In this case, I can’t but thank my man Dmitriy, who helped us all see things more clearly with his drunken bleating.

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