Dancing on Daria Dugina’s bones

The liquidation of Daria Dugina has acquired some critically comic tones.

On the second day after the kill of the “Russian world” ideologist’s daughter, the Russian special services stunned the public with the alleged success in the probe, claiming they have identified the woman’s killer. Oddly enough (not!) she turned out to be Ukrainian.

In fact, it would be outstanding to assume that the Russians find no Ukrainian trace in the assassination as it had already been widely claimed across Russian propaganda platforms even before Dugina’s body was taken to the coroner’s office.

Of course, I had a blast hearing that good old “Ukrainian trace” song yet again. It’s just too ridiculous.

Firstly, that’s because of an established fact that the Land Cruiser Dugina drove before it blew up had been parked at a lot heavily guarded by the Federal Protection Service.

Secondly, Dugina’s vehicle exploded just a little over 100 yards from the gates of a large FSB facility – the Golitsyn Border Guard Institute (75 Mozhayskoye Highway, Bolshiye Vyazemy).

That is, if we now even consider the version involving “Ukrainian terrorists,” we must understand that the Ukrainian special services took an exorbitantly gigantic risk, in fact, deploying on a mission impossible, in order to… do what? Eliminate Alexander Dugin or his daughter?

And they claim that this “mission impossible” was executed by a Ukrainian woman, Natalya Vovk, who had rented a room in the same apartment block as Dugina, specifically for this purpose… Come on, really?!

Just for you to get the context, any residential building hosting such government-affiliated figures as Alexander Dugin live are, in fact, the same type of highly secured sites. No outsider would ever be able to move in, even temporarily.

For example, both staff and undercover operatives with the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service live along Academician Anokhin Street in Moscow. And no stranger would ever be allowed to just stay in those apartment buildings!

I can’t even grasp the degree of absurdity revolving around this sorry show. Meanwhile, multiple indications point to the FSB’s direct role in the failed attempt on Alexander Dugin, generator of ideas affiliated with the Russian defense intelligence, formerly known as the GRU. But why is this wild plot being spun so massively in the media space in the first place?

The answer lies deep inside the very narrative that Ukraine is to blame for this brazen hit. In those depths the word AZOV resonates loudly, ringing in the ears of ordinary Russians, almost tearing their eardrums!

So the picture is as follows: Natalya Vovk, an Azov member, as Russia claims, just like those Ukrainian prisoners of war who are about to be “tried” over the coming days “assassinates” an innocent young woman. That is, by circulating such a narrative, Russia works to justify right about any verdict to those POWs and any actions that might be taken toward the Azov, which has been stuck like a fishbone in Putin’s throat since the Mariupol defense saga.

In addition, this narrative is about dehumanizing Ukraine, first of all, in the eyes of the country’s international partners. It’s as if to claim that the government committing assassinations of “philosophers” on another country’s soil is a sponsor of terrorism.

No matter how senseless this move might seem to any sane person in this world, it doesn’t really matter to Moscow whether it succeeds in reaching out to international audiences. The main thing is to justify the trial of Azov, so the escalation of a long-lasting showdown between Russia’s defense intelligence and the FSB came right on spot!

It should be understood, however, that the conflict between the two security agencies has not been exhausted and will only gain momentum. This, in turn, means that Dugin’s Land Cruiser, in which his daughter found her death, is not the first and not the last luxury car that might spontaneously ignite once driven off some highly secured location.

And, of course, it’s Ukraine that will be blamed, again!

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