Invaders announce “evacuation of civilians” from Donbas – to create bloody “casus belli”

How the events unfolded over the past hours.

The self-styled “leaders” of the so-called “DPR/LPR” announced the evacuation of civilians from settlements in the occupied part of Donbas to Russia, allegedly over the threat of an “offensive” on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The evacuation is to start at 20:00 local time.

In turn, officials in Russia, in particular the local government in the bordering Rostov region, said that they knew nothing about the evacuation from across the border and that their infrastructure and facilities were not ready to receive any evacuees.

So does this mean the “DPR” leaders declared something Russia isn’t aware of?

At first glance, this is a mess and complete arbitrariness on their part as they seem to have not coordinated their actions with their handlers in Moscow. But this would be a wrong assumption.

In fact, these guys never act independently because they are absolute puppets of the Russian occupiers. And if they announced an evacuation, then it has been agreed. But why does the Kremlin play oblivious? That’s because Moscow thus relieves itself of responsibility in advance for everything that might happen to the convoys of evacuation buses.

Unfortunately, it is precisely a strike on a convoy of civilians being evacuated to Russia that can be carried out today in order to create that very bloody casus belli that is being discussed about so much.

For example, today I have already debunked a fake story about the “shelling” of the outskirts of Donetsk, which was staged by Russian propagandist Semyon Pegov. In that case, an explosive device was set off in a residential sector, only to be referred to as an “attack” by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A similar thing could happen tonight, within a few hours. Moreover, the backbone of the team of those blood-thirsty “journalists” who often cover such provocations has already been deployed in the occupied territories.

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