The United States confirmed that Russia launched hypersonic missiles at Ukraine


The United States claims that Russia had two goals – to test weapons and send messages to the West about Russia’s capabilities.

The United States has confirmed that Russia has launched hypersonic missiles Kinzhal (Dagger) at Ukrainian facilities for the first time. Announced by TSN. The United States could track launches in real-time. According to US officials, the launches were probably aimed at testing weapons and sending Western messages about Russia’s capabilities.

According to the publication, the Pentagon has made the development of hypersonic weapons one of its top priorities, in particular, as China and Russia are working to develop their own versions.

We will remind that the Ministry of Defense of Russia declared on Saturday that on Friday, hypersonic missiles Kinzhal launched on military ammunition warehouse in the west of Ukraine, having destroyed the construction in the Ukrainian village of Delyatin. Most likely, these are strikes on the underground warehouse of missiles and aviation ammunition of Ukrainian troops in one of the settlements of the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Note that hypersonic weapons are difficult to detect, which creates problems for missile defense systems. Hypersonic missiles can move on a much lower trajectory than high-arc ballistic missiles, which can be easily detected. Hypersonic can also maneuver and evade missile defense systems.


In fact, the enemy has struck at our warehouses, which have already been mentioned. The type of missile is yet to be determined. We have damage, there is destruction. There is a detonation of ammunition. The victims are being clarified.

Yuri Ignat, the spokesman of the Air Force Command

the spokesman of the Air Force Command Yuri Ignat.


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