Head of Ukrainian President’s Office said that the Russian army is able to fight only for the next 10-14 days

Adviser to the head of the President’s Office Alexey Arestovich said that the Russian military would be able to conduct active hostilities for the next 10-14 days. At the moment, they are losing their offensive potential and moving by inertia. Arestovich told Radio Svoboda about this.

According to him, of the approximately 200,000 Russian occupiers who invaded Ukraine, 15,000 were killed, and another 18,000-20,000 became incapable.

“Some 60 (tactical groups – ed.) are currently operating, but they are connected by battles all over Ukraine, and about 10 of them are still in reserve. These are pathetic forces with such a scale and intensity of hostilities,” said the adviser to the head of the OP.

“I think that maybe they have 10 days left, maybe 14, so that they are capable of active hostilities. Then the inevitable transition to positional warfare, they are defending themselves, as they are now near Kyiv. And there is no operational scale will be “, – Arestovich explained.

According to him, tactical battles will start for small villages and for leveling positions after that. At the same time, reinforcements to the Russian military are out of nowhere.

“Even if they scratch the reserves now, although they have huge problems with it, Russia and Syria have not managed to gather. And if they will transfer them here; these reserves will not be able to change the situation fundamentally. That is, now they are facing an operational impasse, and then the loss may become (real) within two or three weeks,” said the adviser to the head of the OP.

Arestovich also assured that Ukraine currently has enough resources to repel attacks, but Russia will continue to attack from the sky.

“They have enough of this – air-based cruise missiles, like the Iskander. And they will hit, maybe hit more than now,” – said the adviser to the head of the presidential office.

Arestovich also stated that the Russian army is deliberately striking at civilian targets in Ukraine.


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