In the new battle near Kruty, the Ukrainians killed about 200 invaders


A battle between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defence against the Russian invaders took place near Kruty in the Chernihiv region. The occupiers suffered a “terrific defeat.”

This was reported by the Kruty community.

According to community members, after the battle, the corpses of nearly 200 dead Russian soldiers and officers were collected throughout the district and transported in two KAMAZs to Sumy Region.


104 years later, Ukrainians and Russians fought again. This time, the Russian army suffered a crushing defeat here.


Before the battle, the occupiers fired at the Memorial to the Heroes of Kruty and were photographed against its background.

Kruty is a symbol of the struggle for Ukraine’s independence. In 1918, a battle took place here between the army of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Bolsheviks, who attacked Kyiv. Then the Ukrainians were forced to retreat. But at the cost of numerous casualties, the enemy was detained, which gave the UPR time to sign the treaty in Brest.

The true story of the battle was hidden by the Soviet Government. Only recently, a monument was set up to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Kruty at Askold’s Grave, and a commemorative hryvnia coin was minted. In 2006, the Kruty Heroes Monument was erected on the site of the historic battle. The battle is remembered each year on or around January 29.

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