Governor of the Odessa region: “the invaders will go to hell”


The Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Sergei Grinevetsky addressed the residents of Odessa and the region.

The governor called information warfare rumors about agreements between the regional authorities and the occupiers and promised that Russians would face hell if they tried to cross the region’s borders.

“For the fifth day Odessa resists the treacherous invasion of the Russian Federation. Today, all organs of the Regional State Administration work like clockwork and fully control the situation in Odessa and the region. We will repulse the enemy if he tries to break through from the sea or air. Having received a rebuff in the southern direction, the enemy began an information war to sow discord in the ranks of the region’s defenders. Allegedly, Odessa has already been surrendered, allegedly there are already agreements. Here, no one will negotiate with the invaders. Here they are waiting for the same thing as in Mykolaiv and Kherson – hell. Victory will be ours. Everything will be Ukraine.”

Sergei Grinevetsky


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