Construction of a new traffic intersection of three highways of State importance near Odessa planned in 2022

The existing traffic intersection “Dva Stolba” does not meet modern requirements and is not able to handle the actual level of traffic. In the Odessa Regional administration, during a meeting on the progress of work on the construction of a new traffic intersection “Two Pillars” on the M-28 Odessa-Yuzhny highway (bypassing Odessa at km 23), it was reported that work for this infrastructure will begin in 2022.

The existing traffic intersection “Two Pillars”, connecting the international highways of national importance M-15 Odessa-Reni (to Bucharest), M-16 Odessa-Kuchurgan (to Chisinau) and M-28 Odessa-Yuzhny (bypassing Odessa), does not meet modern requirements to pass the required number of vehicles.


We plan to start the construction of a new Dva Stolba traffic interchange in 2022. To avoid unwanted traffic jams, first of all, we need to organise a high-quality temporary detour and start construction of an interchange with access roads, which we will then connect to a new interchange.

Dmitry Rybalko, Head of the Service highways of the Odessa Region


The government wants to update 24 thousand km of roads and restore 1.4 thousand bridges in Ukraine until 2024. In particular, the construction of the Kyiv bypass road was singled out among the main projects for the coming years.

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