Ukrainian electric truck CoolOn will be released in 2022

The Ukrainian company Murmuration Technology, recently renamed Coolon Motors, has developed the Coolon light commercial electric truck and is ready to launch it reported Autogeek.

Production of the Coolon truck will start in 2022, with the manufacturer producing 2,000 electric vehicles during the first year, and will further increase the production rate to 20,000 cars per year.

The first working prototype of CoolOn was presented in May 2020, and in a year and a half, the company announced the readiness of the model in series production.

The Coolon electric truck is based on a modular platform that allows you to install different types of bodies and change the wheelbase. The car will carry up to 2.5 tons of cargo, and the cruising range will be from 200 to 300 kilometers.


The truck will be really made in Ukraine – we will assemble it at leased facilities in Lviv. We are already accepting orders, but we are not taking money for it yet

Vitaly Bryzgalov, founder of the CoolOn project


In general, the level of localization of CoolOn electric truck production is about 80%. The development is based on three key components.

COOLDRIVE – a new electric drive of its own production based on technology without magnets. The motor from 50 kW to 120 kW can be mounted on the front, rear, or both axles.

COOLBATT is a battery system based on lithium-iron-phosphate cells LiFePO₄, with its status monitoring and protection system. Basic version with a capacity of 40 kWh, with the possibility of expanding to 60 kWh.

COOLBLOCK is a centralized onboard electronics system integrated intelligent digital network. The self-diagnostic system and constant online monitoring on the company’s server.

The electric truck will be front-wheel drive. The second engine, which will turn it into an all-wheel drive, will be available at an additional cost. Depending on the drive, the power of the truck will be from 40 to 109 hp. The maximum speed is 90 km / h. Overall truck length – 5 000 mm, width – 1 700 mm, height – 2100 mm. The size of the loading platform is 1700 x 3100 mm. The volume of cargo space – from 9 to 12 m3.

The power of the basic charger is 6.6 kW. The electric truck will be equipped with a three-phase 22 kW charger or a fast-charging port for an additional fee.

The declared range is 200-300 km. The minimum price tag is $16,000.

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