Russia discredits UNSC by staging shows with separatists

The reports of Russia trying to push for Tatyana Montyan’s appearance at a UN Security Council briefing on compliance with the Minsk agreements sound somewhat alarming.

Of course, I very much doubt that this brainwashed lady will be able to perform any decently even in a virtual conference, but I have no doubt that the Russian mission in the UN will showcase her anyway, for a narrow circle of friends.

The thing is that it’s not the first time Russia is using the UN platform for an act of provocation, in fact, discrediting the high status of the organization and at the same time attempting to legalize the “DPR/LPR” puppet entities.

For example, in December 2020, Russia tried to portray a mediocre conference call between Russian envoys to the UN Security Council and Moscow-controlled puppet authorities as a certain address by representatives of the unrecognized republics to the UN Security Council meeting.

In turn, Russian propaganda resources circulated the message that the UNSC meeting “heard” Natalya Nikonorova, representative of the unrecognized “DPR”, Vladislav Deynego of the unrecognized “LPR”, as well as Mikhail Pogrebinsky, presented as an “analyst.”

That is, the video conference discussion, held in a very narrow circle, was presented by Russia as if the entire UN Security Council had convened to listen to the heresy of Kremlin pawns.

Also, on May 5, the Russian mission to the UN held what they claimed was a “UN Security Council meeting” dedicated to the May 2, 2014, events in Odesa, where some perpetrators of those tragic events, Alexei Albu, Sergey Kirichuk and Dmitry Fuchedzhi, spoke, being presented as victims and witnesses. That is, the criminals were portrayed as those who suffered.

Of course, this was no “UN Security Council meeting” at all, but a low-profile video conference aired on the website of the press service of the Russian mission to the UN. That is, it wasn’t even broadcast on the Mission’s official platform but on an informal YouTube channel.

In June 2021, the Russian Mission to the UN organized the so-called Arria meeting of the UN Security Council members, where Yanukovych-era Ukraine officials Mykola Azarov, Oleg Tsarev, and Volodymyr Oleinik were heard.

Thus, we can see how Russia has been systematically, for years, using the UN Security Council platform to desperately try to legalize, primarily for information fast food consumers, representatives of the occupying authorities in the occupied territories of Ukraine, convey the Russian version of the Odesa tragedy of May 2, 2014, legalize rogue politicians, and spread of lies about the war in Donbas.

Moreover, this morning, Russian propagandists are pushing an information wave that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are shelling Donbas settlements. Obviously, the wave was set up specifically for the UN Security Council and the speech of the professional “mourner” Tatyana Montyan. It is possible that in order to boost the effect of her address, Russian occupiers may even organize a larger-scale provocation.

And therefore, what alarmed me the most was not that the weird lady will be addressing Russia’s friends from the third world countries from Vasily Nebenzia’s office, talking about Ukraine’s “non-compliance” with the Minsk agreements and the “genocide” of the Russian-speaking population, of which Russian officials are starting to speak ever more often. The most alarming thing is that Russia continues to exploit the UN Security Council platform for their systemic attempts to “legalize” the unrecognized republics and compromise the respectable organization as such.


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