Fateful Izium for Russian army’s general staff command

Over the past few days, I have repeatedly noted that the appearance in the combat zone of Russian Army’s chief of General Staff, General Valeriy Gerasimov, is not only about despair that is reigning among Russian troops, but also about their general’s major incompetence.

Because in modern wars, commanders of such level are supposed to control their troops remotely.

Now there are plenty of reports circulating of a pinpoint strike by the Ukrainian Army on the headquarters of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces in the area of Izium. In that high-precision strike, Major General Simonov was liquidated, the Ukrainian side has confirmed.

Then the data on the destruction of 60 to 100 Russian servicemen of different ranks as part of the strike is now being specified. According to insider reports, the number of KIAs actually amounts to 180.

But I see as the icing on the cake the latest reports of the liquidation of two of Valeriy Gerasimov’s deputies. It is also being reported that the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces was either injured or killed in the Ukrainian strike.

Of course, such reports should be approached very carefully, but the fact that the ground is burning under the feet of both Russian soldiers and their senior generals makes me rejoice.

“Incapacitating” Gerasimov may become an unprecedented event in modern history.

After all, Gerasimov’s liquidation would be even more significant than the sinking of the Moskva Cruiser. I can’t even recall the last time a Chief of General Staff was wounded or killed in the course of hostilities.


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