By walking back on grain deal, Russia steps on same rake, again

Russia suspending the grain deal is actually another embarrassment for Moscow. Moreover, it bears multiple negative implications for the Kremlin. Let me explain.

As you know, Russia tried to exploit the international food crisis scenario in order to blackmail the global community that supports Ukraine in the ongoing war. By provoking famine in Africa, Moscow tried to destabilize Europe, generating prerequisites for a humanitarian catastrophe and even an outbreak of radicalism.

However, the international community succeeded in putting own pressure on Russia, especially after the latter failed to gain full control the northwestern part of the Black Sea so terrorists agreed to strike the deal.

And now, a group of sea drones strike a number of Russian warships. While the Russians have not succeeded at the moment in proving that the drones were operated by Ukraine, they seem to have forgotten that they are at war with Ukraine so the latter has every right to hit their military targets, including warships.

But what do the Russians do in response? They throw fits and suspend the grain deal.

To be honest, every time Russia suffers some kind of disgrace, it throws a tantrum and indulges in primitive blackmail. When they were being beaten on the Northern bridgehead in Ukraine, they threatened to blow up the Chornobyl nuclear power plant! As they are losing in the south, they threaten to blow up the Zaporizhia NPP, Europe鈥檚 largest. As they are being pushed back in Kharkiv region, they threaten a nuclear strike. And so on鈥 Every fiasco leads to hysteria and primitive, senseless blackmail.

So, Russia was unable to prevent a sea drone attack on its warships, carriers of Kalibr cruise missiles, which are regularly launched at peaceful cities and civilian infrastructure across Ukraine. And now Moscow presents the attack as a pretext for withdrawing from the deal.

In fact, the grain agreement has long been like a bone in their throat, so they have been desperately searching for a reason to pull out 鈥 any reason鈥

But what will change after the deal is off? Will Ukraine starve? Of course it won鈥檛. After all, it is from Ukraine that this grain was exported, to cover other nations鈥 needs.

Will grain carriers stop transporting grain? Perhaps, but if not, then the question arises of what the Russians will do about it? Will they open fire at ships sailing under other countries鈥 flags? Or perhaps they will do something else that would require an international response? For some reason, I suggest that this response would be really unpleasant for Russia, which is already suffering a massive defeat and humiliation at sea from a country that currently doesn鈥檛 even have its own fleet.

The surprise drone strike was so painful for the Russians that they hysterically threw themselves flat on yet another rake, humiliating themselves at every level.

But, most importantly, this humiliation may have even greater consequences for Russia in the near future. That鈥檚 because their blackmail is no longer so much frightening as it is annoying. And the one who causes this annoyance, usually, gets punched in the face if he fails to understand the language of civilized, normal people. So now Russia is getting closer and closer to such a casual situation 鈥 at the geopolitical level.

Well, they鈥檒l just have to live with it whether they like it or not.

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