Russian propagandists continue their clumsy “dirty bomb”

Apparently, they see it as very, very promising.

According to them, a dummy of the Iskander ballistic missile has already been “created”, which Ukraine allegedly plans to “shoot down” over the Chornobyl zone.

By the way, the Russian Iskanders have been deployed on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, which indicates the obvious participation in this provocation of the Belarusian side.

But now I am alarmed by the fact that MiG-31 fighter jets, which are carriers of the Kh-47M missiles, are circling in the airspace.

The fact is that the Kh-47M Kinzhal is an air version of the Iskander with a number of differences that are not evident to a non-expert at first glance. And this makes me wonder – have they really decided to go that far?

The answer to the question is ambiguous, but it is primarily about the fact that the use of these weapons will yield a response not just from the international community, but from NATO. After all, a dirty bomb would affect Europe as well.

Interestingly, is Russia, while losing ground on all fronts in Ukraine, also ready to fight NATO? It seems to me that they aren’t. Therefore, they should shut up and pretend that they averted a catastrophe that they themselves invented.

Otherwise, it would be the last bout of schizophrenia that the Putin regime could afford. The Kremlin, by the way, is also well aware of this. But they continue walking on some very thin ice…

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