5 European countries that soon will be opened for tourists from Ukraine


Five European countries in the updays will be available for tourists from Ukraine who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus

These are the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Luxembourg and Portugal.

The publication made this conclusion on the basis of which European countries have already opened their borders to Moldova, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

The European Council included these three states of the former USSR on the green list two weeks ahead of Ukraine. Ukraine was included in the list of safe states on July 15, after which European countries launched mechanisms to open their borders to Ukrainian citizens and residents.

According to the forecast of European Truth, Ukrainians will be able to enter the Netherlands without vaccinations and even tests.

Austria, Spain, Luxembourg, and Portugal will allow unvaccinated travelers from Ukraine to visit if they pass a COVID-19 test before departure.

Now unvaccinated tourists from Ukraine can visit the following European countries, subject to preliminary passing a coronavirus test before the trip: Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Moldova, Germany, Slovenia, Turkey, and Croatia.

Entry to Albania, Estonia, North Macedonia, and Montenegro is possible both without vaccination and without tests.

When planning your travel, you need to keep in mind that countries can change the rules of entry at any time at their discretion. Also, Ukraine may be excluded from the green zone if the growth of new cases of COVID-19 begins.

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