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Purchase of Neptune grain terminal by Cargill

AMCU approved purchase of Neptune grain terminal by Cargill and Arya. The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) authorized Cargill for the joint acquisition of Neptune grain terminal in Yuzhny seaport (Odessa region). “Cargill International Luxembourg 2 S.à.r.l. (based in Luxembourg) is granted approval to acquire jointly…

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Odessa International Airports new terminal

Although it is a tale that probably hasn’t had the impact expected from Misha Saakashvili inspired events, and despite some highly questionable deals regarding the new Odessa International Airport Terminal between the Saakashvili administration and dodgy businessmen, matters regarding Odessa airport certainly appear to be going the right way.

Upon arrival, Governor Saakashvili managed to force out the Ihor Kolomoisky aligned (and thus MAU airline friendly) bureaucrat that effectively—indeed very effectively—managed to preserve the almost 100% monopoly Mr Kolomoisky’s MAU had over flights into and from Odessa airport—both national and international flights.