Monastyrsky explained why the Russian military surrendered along with the tanks

The Russian invaders surrender under security guarantees.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine records new cases of the captivity of the Russian military together with equipment.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denys Monastyrskyi, spoke about this on Ukrainian TV channels, Ukrinform reports.

“We already note cases of delivery captured when voluntarily units of the Russian Federation go out to our military and proclaim that they want to seem captive that they do not participate in active military actions – together with technique, particularly with tanks. They are already moving, they seem to be under security guarantees, realizing that no one is waiting for them there. They are being let in like cannon fodder by their commanders,” he said.

The official also said that “under what sauce” mobilized people from the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions were sent to this war.

“Sauce one is “you have to be there by order.” There is no logical justification. All these historical pearls that Putin scattered about the historical mission and role do not inspire anyone. They (mobilized – ed.) are given some material contribution in payment, and a small one,” the minister explained.

In addition, Ukrainian security forces learned from the intercepted conversations of the invaders that they were asking their families to withdraw money from their accounts and simply keep dollars to be able to leave Russia, “as all honest business has done so far in Russia, the whole field of IT, etc.”.

“That’s why those people who come here, go either out of desperation or in the hope of not entering into conflict. That is, for example, the mood of the Belarusians – to avoid any fighting there. “The army is extremely demotivated to fight not on its own land and perish in independent Ukraine; not defending its own land, but conquering completely foreign land,” he concluded.


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