Author: Maksym Yali

Stop Genocide In Mariupol!

Civilian building in Mariupol shelled by Russian invaders

It is clear that Putin intends to wipe out Mariupol—once a beautiful city by the Azov sea—to force the Ukrainian government to capitulate. He doesn’t care about the people—only the territory and the metallurgical plants that are not being damaged by the Russian occupational army, unlike civilian, municipal, and business infrastructure.

With every day passing by, the chances to evacuate the remaining citizens of Mariupol are fading. Every day there are fewer undestroyed vehicles left in the city, and there is almost no gasoline left. We ask the European, US, and Canadian governments to take decisive actions before Mariupol becomes the new Babi Yar, only this time the death toll will be much higher than during WWII in Kyiv.