Ukraine is to launch a spacecraft into orbit. Agreement with Dutch airspace company


Ukrainian Yuzhnoye State Design Office has agreed upon the launch services of spacecraft SICH-2-1 with the Dutch spacetech company ISILAUNCH as a part of SpaceX’s cluster mission aboard the Falcon-9 in December 2021.

To date, ISILAUNCH has executed or supported multiple launch campaigns on various launch vehicles, successfully sending over 450 small satellites into orbit. The company started its activities in 2007 as the first commercial CubeSat launch services company, expanding its activities to other small satellites in the years following that.

The contract provides for the provision of a full range of services for the integration of the spacecraft “SICH-2-1” with RN Falcon-9, including the provision of the necessary material, mission management, and launch.

Yuzhnoye State Design Office performs work to complete the creation of the spacecraft “SICH-2-30” in accordance with the approved General schedule of the space system. The ground segment of the spacecraft is being created together with the National Space Management and Testing Center.


The satellite should be launched from the SpaceX launch site (USA) using a Falcon-9 rocket carrier. It is ISILAUNCH that has the relevant agreement with this American company, which is authorised to sell services for the removal of associated payload on this rocket carrier and the provision of appropriate engineering services and material.

Oleh Urusky, Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine


According to him, an advance payment has already been made.

The spacecraft is scheduled to be launched in December 2021 (reserve – January 2022). However, I hope that this will happen in the year of the 30th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine and the task of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will be fulfilled.

Oleh Urusky, Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine


Oleh Urusky also noted that at present the Yuzhnoye State Design Office together with the National Space Facilities Control and Test Center is carrying out all the necessary work to prepare the launch of Sich-2-30 and the ground segment. The launch of the satellite “Sich-2-30” is the first step towards the implementation of plans identified, in particular, the draft National Targeted Scientific and Technical Space Program of Ukraine for 2021-2025, which provides for the creation of a domestic space group of at least seven satellites.


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