Wildix and the choice of Odessa to develop Unified Communications (UC)

What is Unified Communications (UC), the service offered by Wildix to international clients, and why your business needs it right now.

We previously wrote about Wildix, the world leader of Unified Communications and WebRTC, and the reasons why this global technology  company had chosen Odessa as their Research and Development Center. It is really fascinating to learn how different international businesses are establishing their presence in Odessa’s region.

But, what does it mean exactly Unified Communications (UC)?

If you are a business owner, you would definitely be interested in learning more about Unified Communications (UC), as by leveraging this disruptive technology you can modernize your company’s phone system, improve internal and external collaboration – all with ease, efficiency and at a great cost. The topic of UC is especially relevant at times of the global COVID- 19 pandemic situation.

Wildix Unified Communications & Collaboration solution ensures the best user experience by providing you with one single interface to manage internal & external communication across multiple channels including, with WebRTC we can do all this inside a standard web browser:

  • Unifying communication tasks allows you to streamline daily operations, boost workplace productivity, increase employee engagement and improve the customer service.
  • Unified Communications optimise the business processes, reduce travel costs, with the use of video conference, and – due to the mobility feature – ensure the availability of employees anytime, anyplace.

Real-time communication with internal and external users: audio and video calls, conferencing, desktop sharing, corporate chat.

Online access on any device to shared phonebooks & live availability of colleagues : PC, desk phones, Cordless handsets, mobile app based devices.

Entirely web-based and intuitive collaboration interface available in the browser. Bringing all your communications needs together in a single web based platform.

More detailed information about Unified Communications is available either in the following Embed video or here: Wildix Blog

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