Ukrainian crypto industry grew 5 times in 2021


The crypto industry in Ukraine grew fivefold in 2021. It was said by Oleksandr Bornyakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for IT Development and head of the Diia.City project.

The crypto industry should become a powerful driver for the development of the digital economy of Ukraine. In 2021 alone, the crypto industry has grown fivefold. I don’t know any other sectors of the economy that would grow at such a pace. Some $33 billion was invested by venture investors in the blockchain ecosystem. Ukraine can become a comfortable country for multi-billion dollar companies from all over the world.

Oleksandr Bornyakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine (Diia.City conference in Kyiv)


According to the official, the number of investments and start-ups also increased last year.

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