In 2022 Europe will reduce the validity of foreign COVID certificates

Deputy Minister for Digital Development, Digital Transformation and Digitalization Maria Karchevych reported a сhange in the European rules for foreign COVID certificates.

On January 10, 2022, the European Commission is preparing to reduce the validity of COVID certificates. The decision will primarily concern foreign digital documents that have been issued in the EU and confirm the full course of vaccination against coronavirus. The validity of such documents will be reduced from 365 days to 270 days.

Maria Karchevych


The Deputy Minister added that currently Ukrainian COVID-certificates are recognised in 55 countries of the World, which are members of the Trust Network. At the same time, the further Network Development Plan in 2022 will allow visiting at least 80 countries with a Ukrainian COVID certificate.

Maria Karchevych also said that Ukraine is preparing to join the Global Network of COVID Certificates, which can cover all countries of the world.

Network members will recognize each other’s digital documents and will not require additional COVID documents to cross the border. For vaccinated Ukrainians, this means one thing – free and convenient travel to more countries. Without PCR tests and self-isolation in the countries of arrival, when their epidemic situation allows

Maria Karchevych


Currently, such access is open to Ukrainians in 52 countries that recognize our COVID certificates in Action. It is not only about European countries, but also Asian countries. In particular, the Singapore authorities recently decided to accept Ukrainians with a COVID certificate, and Thailand will soon open.


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