New oncology treatment centre at the Odrex Medical House in Odessa

The new Clinical Oncology is already operating at the Odrex Medical House. This modern center fights all types of malignant tumors, taking into account the needs of patients and creating decent conditions for them to undergo such a difficult treatment.

The opening of such a center is the beginning of an excellent trend in the development of oncology in Odessa and its region. Clinical oncology Odrex accommodates all current trends to provide quality care to patients with oncological diagnoses.

They can receive outpatient care in specialised chairs that have different positions, including for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Those patients who need inpatient treatment are in comfortable wards, where their condition is monitored using monitors, they can connect oxygen, and a nurse comes to the rescue just after pressing a button,” Odrex noted.

Clinical oncologists, chemotherapists, hematologists work directly with patients. Since the oncology center is located on the basis of a multidisciplinary clinic, there is also access to doctors from more than 50 specialties, and there is the possibility of holding multidisciplinary consultations to discuss the treatment of the patient. Necessary diagnostics and surgical assistance is available.


Specialists of Clinical Oncology work according to international protocols. This means that they can receive the same treatment at Raskidailovskaya as in Germany, Israel or America.


All drugs are certified and officially imported into the country. Continuous training of physicians allows the use of the latest approved schemes by international organisations. Cancer is studied daily and those cases that were hopeless even five years ago already have a chance for a longer and more normal life. Every person deserves it.”

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