Ukrainian Government set up National Investment Fund

On behalf of the President of Ukraine, the Government has established the State Enterprise National Investment Fund of Ukraine and approved its statute. The relevant decision was made at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on March 31.

The purpose of the National Investment Fund’s activity is to create favourable conditions for the implementation of large-scale investment and socially significant projects, the development of international economic cooperation and the growth of Ukraine’s competitiveness.

According to the approved Statute, the core activities of the enterprise are as follows:

  • attraction and concentration of financial resources for the implementation of investment projects;
  • financing and implementation of priority investment projects;
  • investment attraction;
  • preparation of investment and other kinds of projects;
  • management of property in line with the law;
  • establishment of investment funds, participation in investment funds;
  • participation in joint activities;
  • participation in socially significant projects.

Source: Ukrainian Governement Portal

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