The Ukrainian Ministry of Health has signed a contract with Pfizer

The Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine has signed the prolongation of the contract with pharmaceutical company Pfizer to supply the COVID-19 vaccine for 2022-2023.

During this time, Ukraine will receive 25 million doses of vaccine annually.


Ukraine is doing everything possible to ensure unhindered access to the anti-vaccine vaccine for every Ukrainian. The availability of vaccines in the country results from the teamwork of the country’s leadership, government agencies, and international partners. Ministry of Health continues to work with Pfizer to supply COVID-19 vaccine for 2022-2023 with guarantees and clear vaccine delivery times.

Viktor Lyashko, Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine

Viktor Lyashko

The contract is currently awaiting signing by Pfizer.

The vaccine will be used for additional vaccinations in case of relevant NTGEI recommendations.

It will be recalled that since the beginning of the vaccination campaign, Ukraine has received 32.5 million doses of various vaccines. Almost 23 million vaccinations have been carried out since the beginning of the campaign.

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