Switzerland is the 5th main investor in Ukraine

The Swiss Confederation is among the five leading investing countries in Ukraine’s economy, according to Diana Sidko, Deputy Executive Director of Ukraine Invest. The investment opportunities for Swiss investors were presented by UkraineInvest during an online meeting with the Embassy of Ukraine and Swiss business representatives.

Several world-famous Swiss enterprises already operate in Ukraine: Acino, Geberit, Glastroesch, Nestlé, Risoil, Sika, Syngenta.

These are the main figures:

💸 Total Swiss FDI in Ukraine: $ 1.7 Bn.
💵 Swiss FDI increased by $ 163 Mln, in 2019.
⚓ Risoil S.A. based in Geneva, is the first company to sign a marine concession for Kherson Sea Commercial Port, with an investment of $ 12 Mln in the port infrastructure.

“With the number of initiatives in deregulation, the launch of the privatization and concession processes, and the draft of the so-called “investment nannies” bill, which allows a number of incentives for investors, Ukraine has plenty of opportunities to offer for the Swiss business.”

Diana Sidko, deputy executive director of UkraineInvest

Source: Invest Ukraine

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