It will take several years to demine the territory of Ukraine


The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denys Monastyrsky, said that after the end of the war with Russia, it would take several years to clear the territory of Ukraine from mines.

Denys Monastyrsky

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine specified that he communicates with all 27 ministers of internal affairs of the European Union and with the ministers of our other neighbours, in particular Turkey. According to him, they help ensure that those citizens evacuated from Ukraine who are on their territories receive the necessary assistance.

Monastyrsky clarified that he is already appealing to his colleagues to prepare their teams, specialists, and equipment from all over Europe and the world to come and help Ukraine in demining objects.

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“Because not a single restoration of any object is possible without a demining stage. The forces that Ukrainian rescuers have are not enough to do this in a short period. Therefore, colleagues are now preparing such assistance – a large-scale landing of rescuers from all countries, the European Union in particular, and the United States and Britain, to help during this period,” Monastyrsky emphasised.

According to him, among those countries that are actively helping us in this are France, Poland, Greece, Germany, Lithuania, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland, Belgium, Estonia, the Netherlands, Canada, Romania, the United States, and other countries.

“I named those countries from which we already have concrete assistance. Regarding what is provided, these are fire trucks, medical hospitals, and protective equipment – bulletproof vests, helmets. And along the Ministry of Defense line, they are also determined by a separate direction,” he specified.

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