“Volunteer Prize – 2020”: the first volunteer of Ukraine is Katerina Nozhevnikova

Katerina Nozhevnikova, the founder of Monsters Corporation in Odessa, received the Award of the “Volunteer Award – 2020”. She was named the first among the top 5 volunteers in Ukraine.

On November 30, the annual awards ceremony for the best volunteers of Ukraine took place in Kyiv. The Volunteer Prize is an non-monetary prize that has been awarded since 2014. Its goal is to celebrate volunteers working in various fields. An independent, jury selected 5 laureates, whose work is of paramount importance. This year, the jury was composed by:

  • Boris Kherson, clinical psychologist, poet, translator;
  • Larisa Denisenko, human rights activist, writer, TV and radio presenter;
  • Adrian Arecht, Head of the Women’s Veteran Movement;
  • Nariman Memedeminov, journalist and former Kremlin prisoner;
  • Natalia Vorozhbit, playwright, director and screenwriter.

Over the past 6 years, the Monsters Corporation of Katerina Nozhevnikova has been actively involved in volunteer activities, uniting around it dozens of volunteers and thousands of donors. It all started with helping lonely old people. Then, the Foundation began to collect money for the treatment of children, who received burns, and for the repair of medical facilities and the purchase of the necessary equipment for the burn medical centre. Then, continued its activity collecting goods for poor children and sons of migrants from the East of Ukraine.

This year, the Monsters took up the fight against the coronavirus. Their headquarters created to combat COVID-19, collected from donors about 136 million hryvnia for the purchase of the necessary protection for doctors and oxygen equipment for patients with coronavirus.


I don’t like prizes, contests and awards. But it seems this is the first award that I am proud of. I am proud that our city, region and all of you have this award. Everyone who stands behind us and helps to help.

And of course, this award is primarily a merit of all monsters (Аурика ШитряОксана ВайнбрандВика Белая, Александра ТишейкинаИринка КондрашоваАнютка Алефирова, Юлия КаназирскаяIryna PodgornaДинка КазацкерНаталья Иваненко, Marjana Ozhhevych).

Girls, you are always in the shadows, but without you there would be nothing. You are the fighters of the invisible front. Thank you.

Kateryna Nozhevnikova

The team of Monsters Corporation with the Odessa’s famous writer Mikhail Zhvanetsky

Source: USIonline.

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